Mini stm32 +LAN 10/100mbit w5500

Development board is controlled by the controller STM32F103C8T6 W500 achieve a variety of applications
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With the Internet of Things and the concept of universal + and enjoys popular support, networking technologies such as mushroom has made rapid progress, who mastered the interface communication technologies who will occupy the high ground of technology. The study board can provide information on Ethernet technology knowledge and test hardware platform, with the corresponding tutorial materials can make the relevant technical staff have appropriate communications infrastructure and ease of entry enthusiasts and innovative ideas into practice and test circuit result.
Product Description:
Geeks yield STM32F103C8T6 + W5500 learning board is a cost-effective entry-learning STM32 and W5500 advance learning artifact. Learning board STM32 and W5500 around the center to expand, with a rich set of peripherals for, we try to integration on a business card and the size of the board to go to learn more peripheral circuits, the maximum extent possible rich learning board may fulfill the functions number. Of course, I will not pursue us those flashy expensive circuit, so that users get is a cost-effective learning board.
Learning Introduction:
Development board is controlled by the controller STM32F103C8T6 W500 achieve a variety of applications, and I do all of the routines can be compiled using Keil-MDK development, also through its own USB to serial port serial BOOT boot download hex file to verify the results.
Experience Summary:
Ethernet communication is now part of the communication can not be bypassed
Access network products, worth up immediately
Hackers are secretly thinking about how to squeeze in your mouth Austrian network

The main chip / circuit description:
1, STM32F103C8T6:
kernel: Cortex-M3 32-bit RISC ;
operating frequency: 72MHz;
storage resource: 64K Byte Flash, 20KByte SRAM;
2, W5500:
–  Support for hardware TCP / IP protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4 , ARP, IGMP, PPPoE
– Supports eight independent ports (Socket) while communication
– supports high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI mode 0, 3)
– Support power-down mode and Wake on LAN
–  Internal 32K byte receive buffer
– Support power-down mode and Wake on LAN
–  Built-in 10BaseT / 100BaseTX Ethernet physical layer (PHY)
– Does not support IP fragmentation
3, AT24C08: 1024Byte x8, high data-transfer rate of 400KHz and IIC bus compatible, erase counts about 100 million times, data can be stored in the large 100 years;
4, USB serial circuit is CH340 USB to serial circuit
5, RTC circuit: for STM32 RTC can not afford to vibration problems, we recommend the use of the official program of low load RTC Crystal and use the Epson brand crystal, without the use of an inexpensive cylindrical crystal.
6, relay circuit: using loose music SRD-05VDC-SL-C type relay, which can be accessed direct or alternating current, AC voltage 10A / 250VAC DC voltage. 10A / 30VDC

sample list:

1-TCP Server
2-TCP  Client
W5500 N合1例程



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