iNode LAN Camera with BLE

iNode LAN Camera is a combination of 5MPx camera with JPEG compression with full BLE functionality (Bluetooth Smart, IoT - Internet of Things), as in iNode-LAN.
iNode LAN Camera is a combination of 5MPx camera with JPEG compression and with full BLE functionality (Bluetooth Smart, IoT-Internet of Things).
technical details

Bluetooth Low Energy & Ethernet:

  • configurable from your PC:
    • the BLE power with which the device operates from -18dBm to + 8dBm (maximum range up to 200 m in open space);
    • LAN settings: IP address (static or dynamic - DHCP), network mask, gateway, DNS, NTP server;
    • the name of the device in LAN & BLE;
    • IP address & port for UDP broadcasting received BLE packets; multicast, unicast or broadcast for UDP is configured automatically depend on IP address;
    • HTTP server name (or IP address and port) and PHP script name receiving JPEG pictures from camera. Username & password for script access;
    • the type of iNode sensor starting recording on HTTP server, period of recording and/or recording time;
    • main password for JPEG encryption;
    • user password for the built-in HTTP server;
    • admin password for the built-in HTTP server;

Power supply:

  • 5V Mini USB; 85mA @ 10Mbps; 130mA @ 100Mbps; only version with USB connector;
  • or POE 6-30V DC; 40mA @ 100 Mbps 24V; 60mA @ 100 Mbps 12V; 120mA @ 100Mbps 6V;


  • metal case with the USB connector:
    • dimensions:  81 mm x 38 mm x 22 mm;
  • metal case, dome type; can be mounted indoor & outdoor; 9 LED illuminator;
    • dimensions: base diameter   - 105 mm; dome diameter - 70 mm;

5MPx CMOS camera parameters:

  • pixel: 2560 x 1944;
  • F: 2,8;
  • view angle: 70 °;
  • lens type: ¼" fixed focus;
  • JPEG picture resolutions:
    • 640×480
    • 1280×720
    • 1296 x 968
    • 1920×1080
    • 2592×1944
  • encryption JPEG pictures using ARCFour/AES128 algorithm and 128 bit key;
  • upload JPEG pictures  to the server or IP image recorder using HTTP/POST – up to 10 fps depend on JPEG resolution set, connection bandwidth and JPEG compression ratio;


  • remote firmware update using web browser;
  • remote control using TCP/IP telnet connection at port 5500;
  • LEDs: ethernet LINK i STATUS;
  • HTTP server:
    • 6,9MB for user  HTTP  pages (www) and 1MB for HTTP system pages (www);
    • max. 2 sockets simultaneously;
  • output: 60V DC or 40V AC 500 mA 2.5 Ω (solid state relay type PhotoMOS);
  • RJ-45 connector 10Mbps/100Mbps Ethernet, 10BaseT; protocols: ARP, SSDP, UDP, TCP/IP, DHCP, SNTP, HTTP, WEBSOCKET;
  • reset button (restore factory settings);
  • temperature sensor with a resolution of 1 °C;
  • operating temperature: from -20 to 45 °C;
  • humidity: 35-80 % RHG.
  • weight: 65 g;


  • any HTML5 web browser;
how to use


iNode LAN Camera to broadcast over the Internet or LAN uses the HTTP/POST so you can easily capture pictures, even on free virtual servers or cheap network drives. In order to ensure privacy of content written each JPEG image is ARCFour encoded using different 128-bit key. This key is encoded in a cryptographic device using AES128 algorithm (there is no way to read out the device once the master key entered) and written to the header of the JPEG image. Decryption of the JPEG image is made in the user web browser. Without the knowledge of the master key, no one can watch so recorded pictures.

In addition to this iNode LAN Camera can send the image to the IP image recorder such as the Synology Surveillance Station.






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