industrial level W5500 Ethernet module network module TCP/IP module

The yd-w5500 EVB Ethernet module is a cost-effective Ethernet module based on WIZnet W5500 chip.The W5500 is a full-hardware TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that provides more suggested Internet connectivity solutions for embedded systems.

The W5500 solidifies the TCP/IP stack, 10/100mbps Ethernet data link layer (MAC), and PHY, allowing users to extend network connectivity in their applications using a single chip.Embedded 32K byte chip cache for Ethernet processing, and can use 8 hardware sockets to communicate independently at the same time;The SPI(peripheral ship interface) enables easier integration with the peripheral MCU, and the W5500 USES the efficient SPI protocol to support 80MHz for high-speed network communication.

The module also supports 3.3v or 5V power supply. When 5V is supplied, the voltage of 3.3v can be output, which is convenient for users to use in different single-chip microcomputer systems.


1. Size: 36mmX59mm

2. Module communication mode: SPI

3, LED light indicator module status: power indicator, full/half duplex indicator, network speed indicator, network connection indicator, activity status indicator)

4. Since the W5500 generates a large amount of heat at work, the module is designed with a sealing and welding pad that is conducive to heat dissipation.

5. The module USES a low-voltage differential voltage regulator chip, which can be connected to 5V power supply or 3.3v power supply.Tantalum capacitor is used in the power supply to ensure the stable input and output of the power supply and provide stable power support for the W5500.

6. When designing the PCB wiring of modules, we refer to the official test board and relevant documents. The wiring specification is not out of the question.

7. Power source (GND) and Cable (RJ45) are electrically isolated by 1nf/2KV capacitor. This is an official design, suitable for industrial applications.


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