Kip-73G reception and control panels combine a security panel, an access control device and a GSM remote control controller.
Manufacturer: ABRAIT Model: KIP-73G (article 1005) Features: AC/16.5 V; Communication-GSM/RS-485; included rack for mounting in the box. Weight: 0.180 kg HxWxD dimensions: 60.00 mm x 190.00 x 30.00 mm Availability:Available

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General description of the basic configuration:Receiving and control device for 14 wired zones; built-in backup power supply (RIP); cord for battery stand for mounting in the box a set of resistors Additional plug-ins and devices:
how to use


Kip-43 input and output extension panel
For 8 zones. Up to 64 panels can be connected;
Keyboards, available in 8 variants (more than 200 models on request);
Fingerprint readers for device status management, available in 2 versions (8 on request);
Receiving and control devices KIP-GSM, KIP-GSM8, KIP-73G, KIP-73V for transmission over a backup GPRS and radio channel;
WIZ108SR (data transmitter over Ethernet).
Remote GSM antenna.
The purpose of the receiving and control device (control panel) and the capabilities provided by the device:

Kip-73G reception and control panels combine a security panel, an access control device and a GSM remote control controller.

As a security controller, the KIP-73G performs a standard set of functions, including data transfer to cloud services both from the security operator’s PCN and directly from the security controller.

As an access control device, the ppkop operates in trigger mode, opening and closing the on-Board relay to which the locking door device is connected. At the same time, the control panel has a Bank of keys (RFID cards or codes) with the status of INSPECTOR. The presence of a key Bank in the security device allows you to organize the accounting of working hours for a small enterprise. It works like this:

After disarming the security panel, employees who hold cards in the INSPECTOR status present their cards to the RFID reader and the GSM security controller. Presentation of the card does not change the state of the controller, but each presentation sends data to the PCN or to the cloud service with the cardholder’s number. After that, the enterprise administrator will have real-time data on which employees arrived at work on their mobile device.

If the RFID reader of the GSM security device is installed in such a way that the cards can be presented through radio transparent materials, the arrival of employees can be monitored until the control panel is disarmed. The administrator will receive exactly the same data about employee turnout. Placing the GSM RFID reader of the security panel on the outside of the protected object allows monitoring of the territory patrol service. in Other words, the security system controller will send a message to the PCN that the INSPECTOR card is presented and the data will be archived by the security company and go to the cloud service.

The security device will be able to automatically become armed according to a pre-set scenario. The control panel can send an alarm to the PCN about intrusion into security loops around the clock. The controller of security sensors monitors the status of the device loops around the clock.

The Kip-73G security device can be used as a group transmitter and transmit data from other Kip world security devices (KIP-43, KIP-73P) with a total number of up to 64.

Compatible with programs: Security Center (compatible with the cloud service), RHYTHM, SIMS II, and any programs that parse the Ademco-685, Informer 12000 format.


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