Security alarm panel KIP-73V/U

Receiving and control device for 14 wired zones;
Manufacturer: ABRAIT Model: KIP-73V(M/30 / 5) (article 1001) Features: receiver-control Device KIP-73V (M / 30 / 5) Weight: 2.065 kg Dimensions HxWxD: 221.00 mx 250.00 mx 79.00 mm

from 2233 rub.

General description of the basic configuration:Receiving and control device for 14 wired zones; Built-in backup power supply (RIP); Antenna ¼ λ included; Built-in Informer 12000 data transmitter; Cord for battery; A set of resistors.
how to use


Additional plug-ins and devices:

Kip-43 input and output expansion panel for 8 zones. Up to 64 panels can be connected;
Keyboards, available in 8 variants (more than 200 models on request);
Fingerprint readers for device status management, available in 2 versions (8 on request);
Receiving and control devices KIP-GSM, KIP-GSM8, KIP-73G, KIP-73V for transmission over a backup GPRS and radio channel;
WIZ108SR (data transmitter over Ethernet);
Remote half-wave antenna.
Purpose of the receiving and control device (control panel) and the capabilities provided by the device:

The main difference between the Kip-73V security panel and the majority of receiving and control panels of radio notification transmission systems (rspis) in asynchronous protocols is that the security controller has not only a transmitter, but also a receiver of security radio signals. This hardware feature allows you to turn any security device into a remote rspi alarm system. Today, the receiving and control panel supports the Informer air Protocol. In development, support for the Lars air Protocol.

This architecture allows security system radio controllers to work as geographically distributed radio consoles or repeaters (with data transmission to the internet). This increases the reliability of the security company’s radio coverage. A distributed data transport (RTD) system is formed using KIP-73 devices.

To transfer security data received over the radio channel to the Internet, a GSM security controller, a universal GSM security transmitter GPRS, or a wired Internet can be used.

The actual object security device analyzes the information received over the radio channel and checks it for compliance with the checksum of the packet, and only then sends the packet to the Central monitoring console (PCN). Packets that have been authenticated are sent to the PCN via wireless and wired internet channels.

The Kip-73V security device can be used as a group transmitter in scalable rspi systems and transmit data from other Kip Mirka security devices (KIP-43, KIP-73P) with a total number of up to 64.

The device has algorithms for detecting sabotage actions in the data transmission channel and algorithms for countering electronic warfare systems.

Compatible with programs: Security Center (compatible with the cloud service), RHYTHM, SIMS II, and any programs that parse the Ademco-685, Informer 12000 format.

Guide to KIP-73V
The configuration of the KIP-73V
Instructions for working with the Configurator
Connection diagrams: PDF, DWG
Compatibility with other devices


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