Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Using CoAP and SMS to Predict Natural Disasters

Even in the 21st century human is still handicapped with natural disaster. Flood is one of the most catastrophic natural disasters. Early warnings help people to take necessary steps to save human lives and properties. Sensors can be used to provide more accurate early warnings due to possibilities of capturing more detail data of surrounding nature. Recent advantages in protocol standardization and cost effectiveness of sensors it is possible to easily deploy and manage sensors in large scale. In this paper, a heterogeneous wireless sensor network is proposed and evaluated to predict natural disaster like flood. In this network CoAP is used as a unified application layer protocol for exchanging sensor data. Therefore, CoAP over SMS protocol is used for exchanging sensor data. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the heterogeneous wireless sensor network for predicting natural disaster is presented in this paper.
By Raihan Ul Islam, Karl Andersson, Mohammad Shahadat Hossain


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