Hardware Components
X 1
WS2812 x8
Solid State Relay
X 1
230VAC, 15A
X 1
Wiznet RP2040 module
X 1
K-Type Thermo Module
PTC Heater Plates
X 2
230VAC, 300W - 300C
Kapton Tape
X 1
50mm wide thermal insulator
X 1
12VDC, 50mmx50mm
Extension cord
X 1
230VAC, 15A
X 1
Wires, Connector, Breadboard
X 1
Software Apps and online services
Visual Studio Code
C# Windows App
Arduino IDE 2.0
C Programming
App Images
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Free images - edited
Source Control
TODO: Upload firmware + software
Project Description

Ethernet Controlled Mini Tabletop Reflow Ovens

Low power, very small reflow oven that is quick to put together and several can be controlled over Ethernet by one PC app. Due to time constraints it currently controlled by a PC winforms app but will hopefully be moved to Web soon.I make lots of prototypes but send off the designs to get made at the PCBA house. I needed a very small, low energy consuming device. I also wanted to be able to have a histogram of the reflow process to identify an reflow profiles at a later date. Make no mistake the hardware can support any toaster oven or larger depending on the SSR relay rating.Various profiles can be programmed in for each specific oven. Could not test this because I only have one sample but will try source more.Upon powerup the W5100s-EVB-Pico get it's IP Address via the network router. It then waits for broadcast from the WiznetReflow app. On the network UDP is used. The wiznet reflow hardware then registers with the app a unique ID (this is to uniquely identify the hardware if several units are online). The current state, thermocouple temperature etc are send periodically between the PC app and the wiznet hardware. The reflow process can be started / stopped manually by a button on the wiznet hardware OR via the PC app.

Below is an image of a recorded reflow process.

This is an image of the heater elements that were used.

The project uses two. Very cheap, very reliable, very powerful

Here are some pictures of the setup. Unfortunately there was no time to get a PCB made. There are different lighting effects for the various phases of operation on the physical hardware displayed on a Neopixel type 8x Ws2812 led strip.
  • Power up /loading: WHITE
  • Reflow IDLE: GREEN
  • Reflowing: Alternating RED/ORANGE
  • Cooling: Knight Ride rolling BLUE
   PC App has indicators based on the status of the reflow hardware via the W5100s-EVB-Pico over ethernet. Heater, Fan and thermocouple pictures display and animate accordingly.   

Other Toaster ovens that can be used

If I have larger PCB's to reflow I just connected this oven's thermocouple & power to my reflow hardware. TRICK: Use aluminium foil and Kapton tape to hold the foil up to block off the bottom half of the oven so you DO NOT NEED TO MODIFY it. I only used the top 2x elements ! ! ! 

Finally Pics Of Mini Oven

Arduino Sketch
wiznet reflow firmware
Schematic Drawing


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