Project dispatching of general-purpose parameters of residential and industrial premises by Ethernet channel.

Hardware Components
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The project used W6100. In previous developments, I used W5100S (heated), W5500. In this project, it was decided to use the W6100.
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Galvanic isolation
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Additional inputs
Project Description
Our company depends on the dispatching of the general authorities of buildings and structures. At this time, we use GSM 4G communication equipment to transmit parameters. With this Module, the data exchange with the server is possible to be restricted by Ethernet W6100 (Internet) to the channel.
The code of the entire project is quite complex and consists of several thousand lines. The controller software was developed in C++, the System Scud project code was developed in Delphi.
Ethernet W6100
The project consists of a developed controller based on a dual-core processor and Ethernet W6100. This is part of the w6100 ethernet circuit
This is a complete controller. It consists of 66 discrete input signals with galvanic isolation, 2 output discrete signals (relays), three RS-485 channels, 4G controller, W6100 Ethernet controller, 2-inch 320x240 screen, ESP32-S2 dual-core processor with Wi-Fi.
Communication scheme.
The communication scheme consists of controllers to which various equipment is connected, from which data is read via RS-485 Modbus RTU. The controllers are connected to the server via Ethernet or via a backup 4G channel and transmit/receive data via the Internet network. The server processes data in the Scada system, stores it in SQL databases, and transmits data to clients.
Scud system project
The System Scud project is constantly expanding and consists of several buildings. Each building has several rooms and a general settings subpage. On the screen is a general scheme.
General scheme of communications.
The general scheme of communications reflects the real scheme of communications of the building.
Scheme of communications of the premises of ITP1.
Scheme of communications of the ITP1 room with temperature and pressure sensors, indication of operation or malfunction of the pump, operation of the equipment control cabinet.
Scheme of communications of the premises of ITP2.
The communications scheme of the ITP2 room is simpler, it mainly distributes hot and cold water, as well as a heating replenishment station when the pressure in the system drops.
Scheme of communications of the premises of ITP3.
The communication diagram of the ITP3 room includes a hot water preparation system with temperature and pressure sensors, and a display of the status of the pumps.
Cold water pumping station.
The scheme of the pumping cold water supply includes the state of the pumps and the pressure of the water supply to the premises of the building.
Entering cold water supply.
The cold water supply input scheme includes the pressure at the entrance to the house from the centralized water supply pumping station, as well as the condition of the valves and taps.
Scheme of pumping fire extinguishing
The scheme of pumping fire extinguishing consists of pumps and valves. Here, the constant filling of the fire extinguishing system under pressure is controlled, since the system is automatic, and when fire sensors are triggered, water immediately flows to the source of ignition.
Hardware Options Tab
This tab displays accounting parameters from a third-party metering server, according to which the coolant flow is calculated, accounting parameters from a digital cold water meter, discrete parameters of the fire extinguishing system, flood sensors, door openings, pumps, controller status, control cabinets.
Since the data comes in once a second, in real time and is stored in the database, but we have data trends for pressures, temperatures, equipment operation, flood sensors, door status, etc. All parameters are taken into account and can be analyzed.


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