ARM CMSIS/KEIL & WIZnet’s New Products

WIZnet intends to continue to synchronize new products with SW development platforms collaborate with ARM(Keil)/CMSIS as their silicon partner.




The CMSIS-Driver specification is a software API that describes peripheral driver interfaces for middleware stacks and user applications. The CMSIS-Driver API is designed to be generic and independent of a specific RTOS making it reusable across a wide range of supported microcontroller devices. The CMSIS-Driver API covers a wide range of use cases for the supported peripheral types, but can not take every potential use-case into account. Over time, it is indented to extend the CMSIS-Driver API with further groups to cover new use-cases.



Below are the SW development platforms from the major MCU manufacturers.

(refer to the RED & GREEN box)

  • STMicroelectronics

  • NXP


In most cases, MCU manufacturers provide basic SDK or their own unique SW development platforms.

Below are the SW development platform block diagram from ARM Mbed and Keil.

(refer to the RED & GREEN box)

  • ARM Mbed

  • ARM Keil


Based on the cases above, we can categorize the SW development platforms as below.

SW Development PlatformsExamplesDetails
(1)  MCU SDK from chip manufacturersRP2040 SDKBasic SDK’s are provided

(CMSIS Core/DSP/DAP is used)

(2)  S/W Framework from chip manufacturersSTM32Cube(ST),

MCUXpresso(NXP), …

SW components and other platforms are provided besides basic SDK

(CMSIS Core/DSP/DAP is used)

(3)  H/W Based IoT development platformArduino, Adafruit, ….Unique SW development platforms are provides based on (1) & (2) above

(CMSIS Core/DSP/DAP is used)

(4)  S/W Based IoT development platformMicropython, FreeRTOS (AWS),

ThreadX (Azure), …..

(A)  IoT development platform from ARMMbedCMSIS Core + Mbed Components
(B)  IoT development platform from Keil(ARM)Keil with CMSIS packageCMSIS Core/DSP/DAP/RTOS/NN/Driver…


The most commonly used SW development platform among the above are from (1) to (4).

Case (1) & (2) are used in mass-production commercial industry, whereas (3) & (4) are used more in the Open Source community.


As for (A) & (B), we speculate ARM is attempting to remodel Mbed, its end-to-end platform (silicon/SW development/cloud), and expand their SW platform by adding the CMSIS feature ( after acquiring Keil.


WIZnet intends to continue to synchronize our products with SW development platforms (1) to (4), and also collaborate with ARM(Keil)/CMSIS as their silicon partner.



The two new upcoming WizFi360-Pico and W2E Gateway Pico are using references from ARM CMSIS and Keil.

Product details: WizFi360-EVB-Pico & W2E-Gateway-Pico




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