BEM401 LAN/Internet 2ch peer to peer relay board pair

  • This product includes a pair of boards
  • Each board contains 1 input and 1 output
  • Contact closure detect input
  • Hardware Reset Button
  • Password Protection
  • DHCP Function
  • Easy Bus
  • Http Web Control
  • LAN Control
  • Encrypted Communication over Internet
  • Firmware update over Internet
  • RealTime Online Support Service Chat
technical details
  • Mirror pair relay over Ethernet
    • Mirror pair relay board allow contact closure inputs to control relays in a remote location using a two board design. Two boards(A1 and A2) are both equipped with one sensor input and one relay output. Both boards(A1 and A2) are included when you purchase BE-M401.
  • Mirror pair relay input & output
    • The relay on the each board can be used to interrupt the power of a device you are switching and also as a dry contact closure output. Applications where you need to extend the range of a contact closure over a distance the BE-M401 will work. BE-M401 allows you to connect your input and output at very different locations.
  • What is mirror pair relay board?
    • Mirror pair relay board uses a simple contact closure to trigger a relay via a LAN or internet connection without a computer. Control a relay remotely with BE-M401 that have separate boards in separate locations that work together as a mirror pair to control relays. Each input of local BE-M401 is mirrored to one output of another BE-M401 remotely, with internet connection you can easily have a distance free control.

how to use


Operation Manual


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