Energy Efficient IoT Hub for Smart Home

Hardware Components
X 1
Wiznet W5100S and RP2040 board
nRF24L01 module
X 3
Nordiac nRF24L01 module for wireless communication with RGB Mood light and Relay module
0.96 Inch OLED Display
X 1
OLED Display Sensor and actuator status in realtime
EnOcean 868 TxRx
X 1
EnOcean 868 Transceiver
PTM120 Rocker Switch
X 1
Mechanical Energy Harvesting based Rocker Switch from EnOcean
STM320 Reed Switch Module
X 3
Ambient light harvesting based reed switch sensor for detect door opening and closing
STM330 Temperature Sensor
X 3
Ambient light harvesting based Temperature sensor
MSP430G2553 micro controller
X 2
TI Low power 16 bit MCU for RGB Mood Light and Relay module
Software Apps and online services
MQTT Dashboard
Android Client App for remote operation
MQTT Paho Broker
MQTT Broker running on Amazon EC2 instance
Amazon AWS EC2
Amazon EC2 Linux instance for hosting MQTT Paho Broker on cloud
Arduino IDE
Arduino IDE
RP2040 Arduino Port
Earlephilhower's RP2040 Arduino Port used for WS5100S-PICO-EVB Firmware
Project Description

WIZnet W5100S-EVB-PICO based Energy Efficient IoT Hub for Smart Home

Video Demonstration of the Project : click here if embedded video not plying

Block Diagram & Schematic :

Abstract :

Our Goal is to design energy efficient IoT based home automation system for future smart home using WIZnet W5100S-EVB-PICO as heart of the project, it is connected to internet via Ethernet connection using onboard WIZnet W5100S.Various actuators and EnOcean Energy Harvesting wireless sensorsare communicating to WIZnet W5100S-EVB-PICO using NRF24L01 and EnOcean 868 Transceiver via SPI and UART protocol respectively.Received sensor data will be sent to client Android Application via our custom MQTT broker running on Amazon AWS EC2 instance over Ethernet by W5100S-EVB-PICO. Further Android App can trigger the actuators and all sensor data are displayed in mobile app in realtime. Further all sensor data and actuator status will be displayed on 0.96 inch OLED display interfaced with W5100S-EVB-PICO over I2C.Each wireless sensor nodes are powered using normal room light/mechanical effort.Following components will be used in the project...

Smart Home IoT HUB:

  1. W5100S-EVB-PICO – RP2040 as main processor for HUB and W5100S for Ethernet connection.
  2. EnOcean 868 Transceiver
  3. nRF24L01 Transceiver
  4. 0.96 inch OLED Display


  1. Reed switch based magnetic door open/close sensor (EnOcean STM 320 - Ambient light energy harvesting)
  2. Temperature and Soil Moisture sensor. (EnOcean STM330 – Ambient light energy harvesting)
  3. Room Temperature sensor. (EnOcean STM330 – Ambient light energy harvesting)
  4. Rocker Switch (EnOcean PTM120 - Mechanical energy harvesting)


  1. RGB Mood Lighting Wireless Control module. (nRF24l01+MSP430)
  2. Wireless Relay module to turn on/off 4 appliances. (nRF24L01+MSP430)

Project Description with Images :

Figure1 shows Smarthome IoT Hub that connected to cloud via W5100S Ethernet controller on board, OLED shows status of smart home sensors and actuators, nRF24L01 used to send telegram to nRF24L01 and MSP430 microcontroller based RGB mood light and Relay Switch module as per following figure.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7

Figure 8

Thanks to WIZnet Team for giving opportunity to be a part of this contest and providing free W5100S-EVB-PICO board..Cheers....Ravi 
Arduino Sketch for W5100S-EVB-PICO with all necessary library
Schematic with Module pin connections
Schematic with Module pin connections


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