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PoECAM is an open source Fully programmable camera integrating PoE (Power Over Ethernet) . This item is ESP32 based webcam with W5500 embedded Ethernet controller plus 2M pixel image sensor OV2640. PoECAM equipped with a combination of 8MB PSRAM + 16MB Flash large memory. This teeny tiny with flexible power supply, you can get stable image by connecting the network cable in just 2 steps. It’s wonderful for you to monitor warehouse, get auto image acquisition, etc.

  • Plug and Play:
    • One step to get the IP by connecting to the network cable, You can view the images from any device in the wireless LAN.
    • Image data acquisition due to it’s own existing software
    • CameraTool’/UART image transfer with PC upper computer
  • Abundant features:
    • ESP32 embedded, reserved burning interface for developing
    • W5500 embedded Ethernet controller supports `TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP and PPPoE protocols
    • Exporting image data in various formats /Tuning Image Parameters
  • Highly flexible:
    • Support PoE power supply Network cable & power supply 2 in 1, wiring simplified / Support 5V power supply
    • GROVE expansion interface
    • Camera fixed back clip for wall hanging

1. The PoECAM download program requires an external ESP32 burner, you can click here to buy the official M5 ESP32-Downloader kit, which includes a small adapter board, and the connection will be even better Convenient
2. The factory firmware of PoECAM will automatically obtain the IP after connecting to the switch and start the web server. By viewing the serial port output of PoECAM, you can get the IP address and the image stream URL, and you can preview the image in real time by visiting the URL with a browser under the same local area network.



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