W5500 Ethernet Module Hardware TCP/IP Protocol Stack SPI Interface STM32 Driver

W5500Module supporting LingzhiWinnerI-ARM+FPGADevelopment board andSTM32H750Core board usage
Ling Zhi ElectronicsW5500 Ethernet moduleW5500Module supporting LingzhiWinnerI-ARM+FPGADevelopment board andSTM32H750Core board usage。W5500With complete TCP/IPProtocol stack and10/100MbpsEthernet network layer(MAC)And physical layer(PHY),therefore W5500It is especially suitable for using single chip microcomputer to realize Internet function。W5500use32KBCache as its data communication memory。through the use ofW5500,Users only need to use a simplesocket The program can realize the application of Ethernet,Instead of dealing with a complex Ethernet controller。

The module supports sleep mode and network wake-up,The communication mode between the module and the single chip microcomputer system isSPIagreement,provideSTM32F429andSTM32H750Client for、Server、UDPQuery and interrupt program routines for three working modes。The module presentation materials are as follows:

how to use

w5500 ethernet Module stm32 driver.png


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