IOTA Crypto Core FPGA — 4th Progress Report

  • integrated Cortex M1 (32Bit ARM with 100MHz clock) which is programmable in C/C++. It also can be debugged via a standard debugging interface (SWD).
  • it has accelerators for Trinary <-> Binary type conversions, Hashing (CURL-P81, KECCAC384, Troika; single clock-cycle per hashing-round) and can do Proof-of-Work very fast (~330ms avg).
  • it does Seed management and can store up to 8 seeds in a secure memory
  • it provides a JSON-Api which can be used via RS232. Currently it offers commands, for generating Addresses or random Seeds, signing Transactions and PoW — everything hardware accelerated.
  • everything runs contained in the FPGA and the configuration file of the FPGA can be encrypted. It’s very easy to update the FPGA configuration but it’s impossible* to tamper with the microprocessor-code (which is embedded as ROM) or to extract sensitive information like keys.
  • it has integrated peripherals like RS232 or SPI and digital inputs and outputs which are routed to the module-connector and offers spare (unused) pins at the upper side of the module.
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