Ethernet Network Contact Closure Remote Relay Controller 1-Channel Solid State 1-Way


Ethernet Contact Closure 1-Way Transmitter Receiver Pair

Our MirC 1-Channel Solid-State Relay Controllers are manufactured in pairs, designed to work together when powered up using Ethernet communications over a local area network or over long distances using the internet.  The contact closure input on the transmitter controls a relay on the remote receiver.  Both the transmitter and receiver display the status of the relays using LEDs.  MirC controllers consist of custom firmware that keeps this married pair of controllers in constant communications with each other.Customize this MirC controller for the type of solid-state relays your application requires during the order process.  Solid-state relays are of the SPST variety, and are typically used for high-reliability and long-life AC or DC switching applications.  Remotely control motors, pumps, valves, solenoids, lights, and other heavy duty electrical equipment by simply wiring a switch in one location to control your electrical equipment in a remote location.  On-board Relay status LEDs and busy/ready LEDs let you know when these controllers are talking to each other.
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