M-DUINO PLC ARDUINO ETHERNET & LoRa (868 – 915MHz) 57AAR I/Os Analog/Digital/Relay PLUS

31 Inputs 23 Outputs Communications I2C, Ethernet, USB, RS485, RS232, SPI | (2x) Rx, Tx (Arduino pins) Max232-Max485-W5500 & LoRa
Other technical specificationsRTC (Real Time Clock. NOTE: I2C port used. See pinout modification)µSD Socket (using SPI port, chip select D53 pin).100x75x115mmDIN Rail mounting.Max consum.: 1.2AFlash Memory: 256kB (8kB for bootloader)SRAM: 8kBEEPROM: 4kBClock Speed: 16MHz*Rx,Tx pins are not abailable using RS485. For SPI you need to choose another pin for Select Function (You can choose, SDA, SCL, Rx, Tx, Pins of Arduino)
how to use

M-duino PLC LoRa 57.PNG


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