M-DUINO PLC ARDUINO ETHERNET & LoRa (868 – 915MHz) 58 I/Os Analog/Digital PLUS

35 Inputs 20 Outputs Communications I2C, Ethernet, USB, RS485, RS232, SPI | (2x) Rx, Tx (Arduino pins) Max232-Max485-W5500 & LoRa
Inputs (Arduino Mega included)
  • 35 Inputs:
(x16) Analog (0-10Vdc) / Digital (5-24Vdc) configurable by software.(x19) Digital Isolated (5-24Vdc) (x5 of which can work as Interrupt). Outputs (Arduino Mega included)
  • 20 Outputs:
(x6) Analog (0-10Vdc) / Digital (5-24Vdc) configurable by switch (x6 of which can be PWM Isolated).(x14) Digital Isolated (5-24Vdc) Communications– (1x) Ethernet port.- (1x) LoRa. 2 different selectable options: 868MHZ to Europe and 915MHz to America– (1x) USB port (type B).– (1x) I2C port. (Interface with other Industrial Shields, sensors, I/Os modules)– (3x) TTL ports.– (1x) RS-232 port.– (1x) HALF/FULL Duplex RS-485 port.– (1x) SPI external port (Using MOSI,MISO, SS pins of Arduino)– TCP IP / Modbus TCP. / Modbus RTU– WebServer capacity– Industrial Protocols
how to use

M-duino PLC LoRa 58.PNG


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