High-Power Relay Controller 2-Channel + 8 Channel ADC ProXR Lite

Control 2 On-Board High-Power Relays via Wireless or Computer Control - Available with 20-Amp SPDT or 30-Amp SPST Relays for High-Current Switching - On-Board LEDs Display Relay Status, Busy State and Ready State - Use Base Station Software to Help you Learn the ProXR Command Set - Modular Communications Interface Supports Many Popular Communication Modules: WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, WebPage, Industrial Wireless, USB, RS-232 and More - 16 Background Timers Can be Assigned to Any of the On-Board Relays - Server Reboot, Watchdog, & Keep Alive Duration/Pulse Timing Command Set - Control One Relay at a Time or All Relays Simultaneously - Integrated 8-Channel 8/10-Bit Analog to Digital Converter Inputs - Read Sensors or Manually Control Relays with Integrated ADC Inputs
how to use

Screenshot 2022-08-03 172915.png


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