Open media controller OMC solution

Open Media Controller (OMC) is a professional open source computing platform. Provides network connectivity based on the hardware TCP/IP IC device W5100.
There are currently two standard versions of the Open Media Controller, a basic plug-and-play model with a smaller space and only one DMX-plug, and an advanced version with a larger form factor and a display, with two DMX-plugs still useful Custom back panel for optional plug-in board. Both models have high performance, with Micro SD, WLAN module socket, Bluetooth module socket, power supply, real-time clock and external function buttons.Open Media Controller (OMC) physical map display.
how to use

Screenshot 2022-08-05 164733.png

Open Media Controllers can be used to develop interactive solutions that allow products to be more secure, allowing projects to be applied to life in a professional and safe environment. OMC has CE certification, safety shell, and compared with other comparable products, it has more comprehensive built-in features and is more suitable for customer needs. It has been developed and used by companies in daily business.


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