8-Channel ENC28J60 W5100 Network Control Switch 5V Network Relay Module For Internet Of Things

Description: 8-channel network module is a network relay control module based on a 32-bit system. Through this module, the relay module can be controlled through the Internet or the internal network of a router, so as to realize the remote control of electrical switches and manage power supply. This product can be set and controlled directly through IE browser.With the 8-channel relay output module, relay output contacts are 250V 10A.Applications: Home decoration, hotels, shopping malls, Internet cafes, karaoke timing management, daily office, physical store monitoring, Internet of Things, industrial control equipment, test equipment power control, unattended, underground pipelines, mining equipment, ships, Station computer room, street light management, intelligent management, centralized management.
Features: - The relay can directly control various equipment and loads; - There are 8 normally open and 8 normally closed contacts; - Wiring terminals enable easy connection to a control line
technical details
Technical Specifications: - External power supply voltage: 5.5V DC 2A Max - High power with load: 5W - The load capacity of the relay: 250VAC 10A (2500W AC) or 30VDC 10A (300W). The actual power used should be within 70% of the relay's nominal value, so as not to affect the service life - The long life of the relay: 1 million times - Working temperature: -30 to 85℃
how to use



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