Ethernet Module Development Board with Xbee SD Slot Project Examples for Arduino

Description: IBoard is a master control for Arduino development board + W5100 Ethernet chip composed of the board but also with a lot of electronic building blocks interface, various types of electronic building block module can easily add ITEAD offer. With the XBee interface board, you can easily expand wireless capabilities.
how to use


A0 ~ A5 can also be used as a digital port , serial port can also be used as soft . A4 and A5 for the IIC bus , A4 is SCL, A5 is SDA.

– For DIY, we will use these: IBoard main boars, nRF24L01+module, FOCA to seriel plate
– Other accessories : Mini USB cable X1,9V ~ 12V / 1A power adapter X1, networked cable X 1
– Step One: The nRF24L01 + module into a dedicated interface IBOARD MPU
– Step two: turn a string FOCA board into IBOARD the programming port side of the switch to 3.3v
PS: This FOCA turn itself comes reset pin serial board , firmware programming without manual operation. Can also be used as a base xbee serial communications
– Step four : Install the drivers for the hardware
1. Click ” My Computer” or “Computer “, open the “Administration”
2. Enter the ” Device Manager” , will appear in the port com “USB Serial Port”
3. Click on “USB Serial Port”, select “Update Driver Software”
4. Click the ” Browse my computer for driver software ”
5. Select your arduino IDE drivers directory under where , for example, my path is:D: arduino-1.0.4drivers
6. Click OK or Next to completeDriver Installation
– Step Five: IBOARD programming for firmware ( available free to modify the source code to implement the functions you want )
Libraries and demo Copied to the browser to download )
1. Unzip the downloaded library files to libraries directory of your arduino IDE folder inside
2. Open the arduino software , select Tools-> Serial Port-> COMX
3. COMX is in COM digital computer equipment manager FOCA ‘s
4. Select Tools-> Board->Arduino Duemilanove w / ATmega328
5. The gateway file ( available in Notepad to open ) inside the source code copied to the arduino program interface
6. In the code you will see APIKEY displayed as “xxxxxxxxxx”, this modification into your apikey ( in registered account , enter the ” gateway ” to see )
7. Click on the left button on the first compilation , if the program is successfully compiled a second click on the download button to start downloading the program.
At this point, the gateway hardware and procedures have been completed .

Then , networking test:
1. Open the page using a mobile phone or pc intelligent control invasive passenger side, and log in to your account
2. Click on ” home environment” and then click on the ” gateway status ” , if the current status is displayed Gateway is running , even to your account up .
You can also use a wireless module 433/315, xbee, zigbee , etc.


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