W5500 8VAC DC Ethernet Controller Integrated ATmega32u4 and POE Power Supply

Description: W5500 Ethernet master control board is the main control board integrated with ATmega32u4 and W5500 Ethernet chip, which can meet the application requirements of the general IOT project. Different from the traditional W5200 expansion board, its POE power supply, network wake-up mode, integrated main control board to become the biggest bright spot.Embedded 32K bytes on-chip cache for Ethernet packet processing. It will be faster and more convenient than other embedded Ethernet schemes. In addition, the W5500 master control board uses a new efficient SPI protocol, which supports 80MHz communication rate, so it can achieve high speed network communication. And W5500 also provides network wake-up mode (WOL) and power down mode, can effectively reduce the system energy consumption, for customers more convenient choice.W5500 Ethernet with POE Mainboard is a for Arduino main control boardIs which highly integrated and consistent with 802.3af IEEE industry standard POE power supply agreement.Onboard POE power supply voltage regulator circuit, external power supply voltage regulator circuit, SD card and Leonardo main control unit circuit,lead out for Arduino standard interface.The main control board uses 4 layer wiring design, the component layout is compact, greatly reduces the previous Shield+for Arduino motherboard this kind can stack design cause the space waste question, the small size can be you to create a greater imagination space.In order to avoid the disadvantages of poor reliability of traditional low cost DC-DC power supply system, we use a more intelligent and safe PD power control IC, which makes the whole board stable and reliable.Parameters: - Microcontroller: Atmega32u4 Atmel - External input voltage (recommended): DC 7V~20V - External input voltage (limit):  <DC 23V - POE input voltage: 48V AC/DC (this product is in compliance with the 802.3af standard) - Digital signal I/O pin: 20 - Analog signal input pin: 6 - I/O interface current: 40 mA - Flash capacity: 32 KB (4K for bootloader) - SRAM static storage capacity: 2KB - EEPROM storage capacity: 1KB - Clock frequency: 16MHzPHY:WIZnet W5500 - PHY crystal: 25MHz - Size: 73.5x53.5x15mm 
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