Industrial IP Ethernet Relay 2 Way Network Relay Module Network Switch 1 Way Isolated inputTCP-KP-C2

The TCP-KP-C2 type network relay is an IoT remote control device introduced by Clayman technology. It can realize remote control and data collection in TCP network. This device adopts industrial-grade design with a 32-bit female processor and 10/100M Ethernet network chip. It has the characteristics of high speed, strong computing power, high stability and strong anti-interference ability. Users can feel at ease in an industrial environment. The two devices support relay outputs, which are isolated input channels. The relay supports real-time control, delay control and input output connection control and other control methods, which is suitable for use in various occasions to meet the needs of more users. Input interface state supports passive upload and active timing upload.
special function
1. Relay real-time control, command response speed is fast.
2. Relay delay control, accurate delay, maximum support 99999 seconds delay;
3. Relay status support power down to save power recovery;
4. Input and output connections support real-time connection, jog connection and contact connection.
5. Input interface status supports manual training read and active timing upload.
6. Network supports 4 modes: TCP _ Server, TCP _ Client, UDP, UDP _ Server.
7. You can set a static ip or get it automatically via dhcp.
8. Support 5 connections in TCP_Server mode;
9. Support DNS domain name resolution, can access remote server:
10. Support network registration package for server registration and authentication
11. Support network heartbeat packet, network will automatically reconnect when no response after time out.
12. Device firmware can be upgraded via network, customization can be done without returning to factory.
13. Factory reset button restores device parameters to factory state with one button.
14. Parameters are saved after power off. No need to reset after power on.
technical details
  • Usage communication
  • Theory Network relay
  • Model Number TCP-KP-C2
  • Power DC
  • Voltage DC5-28V
  • Place of origin: China mainland network relay
  • General purpose: DC5-28V
how to use

Screenshot 2022-08-29 103455.png


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