NCD Industrial IoT Edge Computer LTE Cellular Wi-Fi Ethernet

The NCD IoT Edge Computer Makes it Easy to Connect NCD Long Range Wireless Sensors to your favorite cloud platform.  With integrated Long Range Wireless Receiver, LTE, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi Communications, the NCD IoT Edge Computer offers a powerhouse of connectivity options in a small form factor.  Includes a Integrated OLED display, showing network status information.
  • Communicates NCD Long Range Wireless IoT Sensors
  • Supports Wi-Fi Ethernet and Optional LTE Cellular Connectivity
  • Pre-installed Node-RED Libraries and Examples
  • USB Port for Optional Storage Expansion
  • Includes OLED Display for Connectivity Status
  • Send NCD IoT Sensor Data to AWS®, Azure®, MQTT, and more
  • Optional LTE Cellular Services from Verizon® and Hologram®
  • Supports Python and GCC Allowing Custom Applications
  • Soft AP Security Settings and Terminal Credentials
  • Powered by a Linux Based Embedded SBC
  • S3B: DigiMesh Wireless Communications Module
  • LTE: Ublox SARA-R410M-02B-02 LTE Cat M1/NB1/GPRS
  • Wi-Fi: Supports WEP64/128, AES, WPA, WPA2, WAP
  • Ethernet: Supports 10Mbps/100Mbps
  • Power 9-28VDC
  • This Product does NOT come with a SIM card
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Introducing NCD’s first IoT edge computer with Ethernet, WiFi, and DigiMesh long-range wireless communications and Optional LTE Cellular.  Designed specifically for Node-RED users seeking a Cellular LTE communications solution to connect NCD sensors to multiple cloud platforms.  Integrated WiFi and Ethernet communications makes it possible to communicate sensor data over local area networks.  Powered by OpenWRT, this linux based computer comes pre-loaded with Node-RED and a NCD sensor parsing flow ready to communicate to a wide array of communication technologies and cloud platforms.  The integrated MicroSD card slot makes data logging possible with extra software.  Integrated user-programmable Blue 128×64 OLED display makes it possible to display connection status information.

Integrated long-range wireless 900MHz communications is used to collect data from localized NCD sensors up to 2 Miles from the NCD IoT Edge computer.  This device is compatible with all NCD sensors using the pre-loaded Node-RED flow.  Experienced Node-RED users may push NCD sensor data to Losant, Ubidots, Amazon® AWS®, Microsoft® Azure®, and MQTT using any combination of Cellular LTE (optional), Ethernet, or WiFi.  Keep NCD IoT sensor data local using the integrated WiFi or Ethernet connection or use Cellular LTE as a failsafe backup if local network communications is lost.  The NCD IoT Edge Computer serves an ideal gateway solution for experienced Node-RED users, offering unparalleled flexibility in configuration for all communication technologies.


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