Wi-Fi Orb Sees All

<p>In recent years, Wi-Fi has experienced explosive growth in new applications such as telephony (smartphones) and audio/video distribution (Internet-connected DVRs). As the number of hotspots and the coverage area grows, Wi-Fi is taking on aspects of a utility that goes well beyond its humble cable replacement roots. Its not hard to imagine that soon practically every phone and TV will have Wi-Fi built in as a standard feature.</p>

Thou Shalt Communicate! (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB shield for Platino and Arduino)

<p> Today all &#038; sundry, devices included, have to be connected, 24/7, all year round. You may have a Facebook account, but what about your oscilloscope? Does your multimeter tweet enough? Is your soldering iron linked in? You may be a noncommunicative nerd but your bench power supply may be craving for social interaction. With the add-on board described in this article you can hook up anything to everything, with or without wires.</p>
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